Little kids can cry very easily. They cry when they do not get what they want, when they fall down, when their parents force feed them or when they get hungry, when they do not get to watch their cartoon, when they are sleepy, when they get into a fight or are sad, when someone scolds them or another kid hits them. The list is endless. And what does everybody around them tell them? To be strong, not to cry on little things. Sometimes elders try to explain logic, sometimes laugh, sometimes scold, sometimes empathise or show love, try to distract or cheer them up. But all that is momentary. All that does not matter. Take away for little children is that people who cry are weak and to be strong means you should not cry. Thus as kids grow up, they stop crying. They could be dealing with the biggest of life problems, hurt, anger, pain, failure, high expectations, toxicity or any other issue. But they stop sharing. They hide away the tears and do not cry, even when they are by themselves. They do not want to come across as weak. Even in cases when pain is immense and one is not able to hold back tears.

But the fact is that the more people try to hold back any negative emotions, the more these emotions affect and cause damage. The impact can be emotional, psychological and even physical. These negative emotions can lead to anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy, outbursts, major health issues, physical sickness, dark circles, under eyes bags, early wrinkles, acne, white hair, hair loss, autoimmune diseases, and many more issues. The list is endless. Yes, you may not be able to control getting problems in your life, or choosing which ones you want or even making them go away. That is part of living. But you do not have to fight it out all alone. Seek help. Reach out. It could be your partner, a friend, a sibling, or a parent. If you feel there is no one else to share with or who would understand, then reach out to a professional. They will always listen and guide you. But do not bottle up your emotions. Sharing has a lot of power. It can help you gain perspective, or find a solution or if nothing else, unburden you. So next time you face any issues, reach out.

Poorva Gupta

- 18 July 2022
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